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What to add to dry mascara

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What to Add to Dry Mascara: Revive Your Mascara in a Snap!

Are you struggling with dry and clumpy mascara that doesn't give you the desired luscious lashes? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the benefits of adding certain ingredients to your dry mascara, helping you bring it back to life. With a few simple steps, you can achieve long-lasting, voluminous lashes once again.

Benefits of Adding Ingredients to Dry Mascara:

  1. Improved Texture:
  • By adding specific ingredients, you can restore the creamy texture of your mascara, preventing clumps and ensuring smooth application.
  • Enjoy effortless gliding of the wand along your lashes, resulting in even coating and a more defined look.
  1. Enhanced Performance:
  • Adding the right ingredients can revive the pigmentation of your dry mascara, ensuring intense color payoff.
  • Experience improved lash length, volume, and curl, as the revitalized formula works its magic on your lashes.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution:
  • Instead of replacing your dried-out mascara, adding ingredients to it allows you to save money and extend the lifespan of your favorite product.
  • No need to rush to the store or order online; simply revive your mascara at home using common ingredients.
The hot water helps to melt the thick formula of your mascara and restores it to its previous composition. All you need to do is fill up a glass with hot water and keep your mascara tube in it for a few minutes. Remove it after some time and tadaa, your mascara is back to normal!

What can I mix with dry mascara?

3 Ways to Revive Dry Mascara
  1. Add Some Contact Lens Solution. To quickly rehydrate the formula, add a couple of drops of contact lens or saline solution to your dry mascara.
  2. Or, Add a Drop of Aloe Vera.
  3. Soak Your Mascara in a Cup of Hot Water.

What can I put in my mascara to make it liquid again?

And you're just gonna put a few drops into your mascara. You're gonna put a few drops into your mascara. And I'm going to show you guys the difference it makes just a few drops goes a really long way.

How do you make mascara less dry and clumpy?

If your mascara is clumpy because it's old, definitely throw it out. But if your mascara is relatively new but dried out, you can try reviving it. Anecdotal evidence suggests adding a drop of oil (e.g. olive oil) or even a couple of eye drops to help rehydrate your mascara's formula.

Can I put Vaseline in my mascara?

Mixing Vaseline with mascara can cause the mascara to become too soft and may cause it to smudge or smear. Vaseline may clog pores: Vaseline is a heavy and occlusive ingredient that can clog pores and cause irritation or breakouts around the eyes.

How do you rehydrate mascara Reddit?

If your mascara dries up, put a few drops of eye drops in it and it'll magically be good as new. This is true, but typically you want to replace your mascara every 3 to 6 months because of the nature of the product and where it's used.

Does mascara dry out if unopened?

Mascara. Both experts agree that your mascara should last you up to a year. Wilson just suggests storing it in a dry place, with the cap on tight. If not properly stored, she says the product will dry out and gives it six to nine months to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you soften hard mascara?

And this is gonna help to get that extra mascara off the edges. And that way you're not pumping extra air into the container. I say that as I'm pumping air into it.

What can I put in my mascara to thin it out?

If it's new, but you haven't been closing it well, you can dilute it with saline, solution for contact lenses or eye drops that reduce eye-dryness. Don't use just any eye drops, because some contain medications that can react with the ingredients found in your mascara.

Can you put saline solution in mascara?

Remove the wand from your mascara and take your bottle of contact lens solution (saline) – can be purchased at most drug stores. 2. Squeeze in 1 to 2 drops (only) into the mascara tube. The trick is to do a little at a time because adding too much can make your mascara too runny, so go easy!


Can you add eye drops to mascara?
There is an easy solution for thick clumpy mascaras: all you need to do is add a few drops of eye drops into the tube! That's it! What I use is a physiological saline solution from Physiodose, but Visine would also do the trick. Drip about 3 drops into the mascara tube then mix it in with the mascara wand and POOF!
How does coconut oil fix dry mascara?
How does coconut oil fix dry mascara? Coconut oil will not only thin out clumpy mascara, but it may also even lengthen your lashes! Heat up a tiny spoonful in the microwave for 15 seconds or until it melts. Use a dropper to put 3 to 4 drops in the mascara tube.
How do you revive hard mascara?
Put it inside the microwave without its cap add a glass of water heat for 10 seconds. The mascara will be fluid again like and subscribe for new quick acts every Tuesday and Thursday.

What to add to dry mascara

How do you revive dried mascara? One of the simplest and the most effective hack is keeping your mascara in hot water. This melts the thick formula and gives you back your mascara as new. Simply fill your coffee mug with hot water and dip the tube in it for a few minutes. Make sure the lid is tightly closed, so the water doesn't get in.
What happens if you add water to your mascara? No, you can't add water to the mascara this will mess up the formula. However, you can pour hot water in a cup and place your mascara in the cup. After a few minutes the heat will soften up your mascara. This should help a few times.
What can I put in my mascara to make it moist again? Aloe vera is a savior for dry skin, and it can also help to revive a dry tube of mascara. Like the contact solution, add a drop or two of aloe vera gel to your tube of mascara, seal the lid and shake or roll the tube between your hands to blend the two together.
  • What to do if your mascara is too wet?
    • So if, like me, you buy a mascara and it's a gloppy wet debacle - give it time to breathe. Wave that wand around a bit before applying it so the product dries a little. Or every day for a week or so pull out the wand, then put the wand back in until it's calmed its moisture farm.
  • Can I add anything to dry mascara?
    • "It is inadvisable to add anything into your mascara as it may contaminate the product leading to eye infections or inflammation," Resnick warns. Unanimously, the most low-risk solution is to throw out your mascara when it dries out. "Get a new one," Shamban stresses.

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