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What eyeshadow does ariana grande use

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What Eyeshadow Does Ariana Grande Use? A Beauty Secret Revealed!

Curious about the mesmerizing eye makeup of pop sensation Ariana Grande? Wonder no more! This article reveals the key details about the eyeshadow Ariana Grande uses, providing you with all the information you need to recreate her signature look. Let's dive in!

  1. Discover Ariana Grande's Go-To Eyeshadow Brand:
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette: Ariana Grande is known to be a fan of this iconic eyeshadow palette. With its versatile range of neutral shades, it allows her to create both subtle and dramatic eye looks effortlessly.
  1. Benefits of Using Ariana Grande's Eyeshadow Choice:
  • High Pigmentation: Urban Decay Naked Palette offers highly pigmented eyeshadows, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting color pay-off.
  • Blendability: The eyeshadows in this palette are easy to blend, allowing you to achieve seamless transitions between different shades.
  • Versatility: With a mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes, this palette provides endless possibilities to create various eye makeup looks.
  • Travel-Friendly: The compact size and sturdy packaging make it convenient to carry the palette on the go, perfect for touch-ups or traveling.


r.e.m. beauty Sweetener Concealer, $24 “I use our Sweetener Concealer for pretty much everything — base, concealer and contour…. for now,” she captioned this portion of the video. Sounds like foundation and contour could be on the horizon.

What foundation does Ariana Grande wear?

Ariana Grande | TikTok. She dreamed a foundation that's actually skincare, so she made it come true. Sweetener Foundation is medium to full coverage. and packed with skincare ingredients.

Which concealer does Ariana Grande use?

Sweetener Concealer This concealer is available in 45 shades. In her beauty GRWM, Grande starts off her look using several shades of r.e.m. beauty's Sweetener Concealer to perfect her complexion.

Is REM beauty owned by Morphe?

The singer launched r.e.m. beauty with Morphe owner Forma Brands in November 2021. According to a court filing, Ariana Grande has reached an agreement to purchase assets tied to her r.e.m. beauty brand from Forma Brands in a deal that is valued at approximately $15 million.

How did Ariana Grande slim her face?

Nose Job – Ariana Grande surgery allegedly had a rhinoplasty procedure to reduce her nose size and shape it more naturally. This is one of the most common types of rhinoplasty procedures performed on celebrities. Because it gives them an instantly slimmer face which makes them appear younger than their actual age.

What does REM beauty stand for?

Rapid Eye Movement sleep The logo's wavy etherealness feels dreamy, and the brand's name is an apparent reference to Rapid Eye Movement sleep, a period of rest when vivid dreams happen. It is also the name of one of Grande's songs, the inspiration for the brand's name. Ariana Grande's R.E.M. Beauty line is available online at REMBeauty.com.

What lipstick does Ariana wear?

The lip stain that dresses Miss Grande's lips on the daily is the r.e.m beauty Practically Permanent lip stain and it's available in the UK at Selfridges, in the shades Booked N Busy, Full Out, Miss Berry, and Popular (we see what you did there Ari).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ariana Grande's mascara waterproof?

Key Benefits: Peptide infused formula for healthier looking lashes. Waterproof, buildable, clump-free, long-lasting formula.

Is rem beauty at Sephora?

Shop now exclusively at rembeauty.com, @ultabeauty, @theofficialselfridges, #sephora eu, + @shoppersbeauty 🤍


Which foundation does Ariana Grande use?
Sweetener Foundation Ariana Grande | TikTok. She dreamed a foundation that's actually skincare, so she made it come true. Sweetener Foundation is medium to full coverage.
What skincare does Ariana use?
To replenish lost moisture, Ariana follows up with La Mer's moisturizer, which contains marine extracts that renew and protect the skin. She often mixes it with SPF to ensure her skin gets optimum protection against UV rays which contribute to premature signs of aging.

What eyeshadow does ariana grande use

What does ariana grande use for makeup Feb 7, 2023 — Look One: "Thank U, Next" · Armani Beauty Eye Tint Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow · Armani Beauty · Eye Tint Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow.
What kind of mascara does Ariana Grande use? To blend her natural lashes with the bejeweled falsies, Grande uses r.e.m. beauty's Flourishing Lengthening Mascara. The formula promises to be volumizing, lifting and flake-free — all must-haves in a mascara.

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