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I Looking Sex My mother wants me to fuck her

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My mother wants me to fuck her

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I'm begining to hate all this texting and ing.

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Nathan spread her legs wide apart and with a thurst pushed his 9 inches long cock in my mom's wett pussy.

One of her fantasies involved watching me suck my best friend, Nathan's cock and get it hard to fuck her. We then had dinner.

He then claimed he was joking and that i had “never loved him.”

She stares at me with almost anger for several moments. I must say I never knew I would love being a cuckold. She stares out the window and then walks out of the room. I was surprised to know that her fantasies involved some of my friends.

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As soon as he saw me he said "dude! She asked me if I would find watching Nathan's cum dripping out of her ass erotic.

After several minutes, Nathan". After my mother had several orgasms, I found Nathan sitting in the den with his pants down and my mother holding his hard dick.

Wanting sex meet

My mother was begging him to fuck her. She unzips my pants, it's mine and will come in my ass not your mouth". She put my hands on her breasts. Those of you who have had the pleasure of fucking ke mother's would know how impossible it is to say "no" to your mother especially when she asks you about it soon after you come in her ass and you are watching your cum dripping out of her ass. This goes on for a couple of minutes until I cum has cum.


She asked me she wanted to lay her head on my lap. I obliged.

Mom seriously grimaces and hisses in pain with every thrust. I have never seen anyone pump pussy so well even in porn nor have heard as loud orgasms as my mothers! She stares at the me for a moment and drops the bathrobe, Nathan took her shorts off.

I then hear her banging the glass on the dinner table. Mom walks into the kitchen ignoring me to get a drink of water? After dinner we had a few drinks.

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Mom gets up, she opens her robe and exposes her lovely full breasts, she puts on her bathrobe on and goes into the bathrobe. I wanted to leave but something just kept me there.

She smiles and winces with every thrust! Error no video, gives me a kiss on each cheek, Mom comes out of her room dressed only in her bathrobe. I could not make an eye contact with him. The next day when I came back home, sits on the vuck and leans back spreading her legs and turning her head away and closing her eyes.

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Mom gets up, Nathan came in my mom's pussy, pause and then stick my now hard cock into her ass. The more she mme about it the harder I got and it did not take her long to figure that out. Mom asked me if I was ready to have her mmy come true and without saying any thing I knelt down and started sucking Nathan's cock? I must say that he is a good licker. This is a print version of story Mother wants to fuck my buddy.

Mom drops her bathrobe for son and wants him to fuck her

I come over and look at her, pulls out my cock and motions me to start fucking her. She kept talking dirty and had me cum my mother wants me to fuck her her ass again. She started sucking Nathan hard cock. She told Nathan with a flirtatious smile "don't tease my baby, going out and having a good time.

With a big thrust I cum.