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How many episodes are there in true beauty

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How Many Episodes Are There in True Beauty?

Positive Aspects:

  1. Engaging Storyline: True Beauty revolves around the life of a high school student named Lim Ju-kyung, who uses makeup as a shield to hide her insecurities. The show beautifully captures the emotions, struggles, and growth of its characters, keeping the viewers captivated throughout.

  2. Talented Cast: The series features a talented ensemble cast, including Moon Ga-young as the lead actress, portraying the role of Lim Ju-kyung. The actors' performances are impressive, effectively bringing the characters to life and making the story more relatable.

  3. Mix of Romance and Comedy: True Beauty excels in blending romance and comedy elements, providing a perfect balance of heartwarming moments and lighthearted humor. The interactions between the characters create delightful and amusing scenes, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the show.

  4. Relevant and Timely Themes: The drama addresses important topics such as self

ugly duckling girl transforms into pretty, popular girl and dates handsome popular boy ... Her plan works and she becomes really pretty and 

Is True Beauty appropriate for 13 year olds?

There is no reason that a teen at that age can't watch the show unless a parent has said no. It is a learning show and could come in handy later in life.

What is the rating of True Beauty?

True Beauty, a two-year-old Korean drama that did not do so well in its home country, has caught viewers' fancy on OTT. What makes this film so special that critics and audiences have given it an 8/10 rating on IMDb?

Is Snowdrop PG 13?

(pretty much tying in with Kamikaze missions) To conclude, this show is DEFINITELY not for kids. It's not on the kids profile for a reason. In most countries (you can check IMDb for this), the rating for this show was 15+ to 16+ which is the equivalent rating between PG13 and R.

What category is True Beauty?

Romance Comedy Slice of True Beauty (South Korean TV series)
True Beauty
GenreRomance Comedy Slice of life Coming-of-age
Based onTrue Beauty by Yaongyi
Developed byStudio Dragon tvN
Written byLee Si-eun

Is True Beauty ok for 11 year olds?

Perfect show for pre-teens battling beauty issues It shows that you wont get far in life unless you actually have true beauty. Of course you will have your snobs on the show that will get kicked off eventually, but they can set a bad role model. Some drinking, a lot of language, sometimes they go to bars and get drunk.

How many episodes are in season 1 of True Beauty?

16 True Beauty (South Korean TV series)
True Beauty
No. of episodes16 (list of episodes)
Executive producersKim Young-gyu Jang Jung-do Song Jin-seon
ProducersKwon Mi-kyung Moon Seok-hwan Oh Kwang-hee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does True Beauty have a sad ending?

While many fans are sad to see it finish, the True Beauty ending offers closure by resolving the series' main plot and themes. In the highly anticipated finale, Jugyeong and Suho return to the place where they first met as children.

Is True Beauty only 16 episodes?

"True Beauty" is a South Korean television series that aired from December 2020 to February 2021. The drama has a total of 16 episodes. Here is a list of all the episodes: The Secret of Makeup.

How can I watch True Beauty Season 2?

Vudu - Watch True Beauty: Season 2.

What is the kdrama about the girl who wears makeup?

This series is about Lim Ju-kyung, a high school student who always had a complex about her appearance since she was young. To hide her bare face, she started to wear heavy make-up. Her excellent make-up skills enhance her beauty, and persuade others that her beautiful, made-up face is her natural appearance.

Is True Beauty on Netflix 2023?

True Beauty, despite its global popularity, is unfortunately unavailable on Netflix in the United States. This is primarily due to licensing and distribution rights, which often restrict the availability of certain shows to specific regions.

What is the Chinese drama about a makeup company?

My Girl (Chinese: 99分女朋友) is a 2020 Chinese streaming television series starring Li Jia Qi and Zhao Yiqin, and tells the story of a makeup artist, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and a stingy CEO of a cosmetic company.


What is the Korean Netflix show beauty?
A top actress notorious for being a troublemaker and plagued by rumors harbors a major secret that affects her physical appearance.
How old is Ju Kyung in True Beauty?
18-year-old Episodes. No. Teased by her family and bullied by her peers because of her looks, 18-year-old high school student Lim Ju-kyung contemplates suicide and goes to the rooftop of a high-rise building, but she stops herself at the last minute and decides to move on with her life.
Who are the actors in True Beauty?
Mun Ka-YoungCha Eun-WooHwang In-Yeop
Im Ju-KyungLee Soo-HoHan Seo-Joon
How old is im hee kyung in True Beauty?
A case in point is Im Ju-kyoung, the 18-year-old protagonist of the new tvN series True Beauty, adapted from a hugely popular webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi.
Was True Beauty famous in Korea?
Apparently, while True Beauty did so well abroad, it did not fare well in its own home country of Korea. It figures in movieweb.com's list of 'Six Korean Drama Masterpieces that Flopped in Korea'.
When did True Beauty release webtoon?
April 2, 2018 First published in Naver Webtoon from April 2, 2018, to June 28, 2023, it centers on a young woman who mastered the art of makeup in her teenage years in order to transform herself into a gorgeous "goddess" after being bullied and discriminated because of being perceived as ugly.

How many episodes are there in true beauty

Is there season 2 of True Beauty? There is still no official release date for True Beauty Season 2. However, there have been some reports that it may be released in 2024. The cast and crew have not yet begun filming, so it is likely that the series will not premiere until later in the year.
Is True Beauty based on real story? 05/8​True Beauty It's based on a webtoon by the same name. The story is about a teenager named Joo Gyeong who got bullied a lot because of how she looked. When she switches schools, she decides to change her appearance.
Is there will be Season 2 of True Beauty? True Beauty Season 2 is expected to air on TVN in South Korea. It is also likely to be available on Netflix and Viki internationally.
How many episodes does True Beauty have kdrama? 16 True Beauty (South Korean TV series)
True Beauty
ComposerPark Se-joon et al.
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16 (list of episodes)
Where is True Beauty Season 2 available? True Beauty: Season 2 – TV on Google Play.
How many episodes are in True Beauty Season 1? True Beauty (season 1)
True Beauty
No. of episodes12
Original networkABC
Original releaseJanuary 5 – February 23, 2009
  • Why is True Beauty so popular?
    • Hear this out loudPausePeople really liked it because it talks about how we see ourselves and being true to who we are. The love triangle in the show got a lot of people talking. Both guys who liked Joo Gyeong were so great that it split the fanbase in half.
  • Does Seojun break up with Jugyeong?
    • Hear this out loudPauseAfter treating her to a hard-earned dinner, Seojun confessed his feelings to Jugyeong. To his surprise, she accepted, and they began a relationship. Jugyeong would often feel scared about showing her bare face to Seojun, but he accepted her for her looks. They later broke up due to Seojun's dream to be a singer.
  • How many episodes are in true beauty kdrama
    • True Beauty. 9.6(442,793). 2020PG-1316 episodes. True Beauty.
  • Is True Beauty season 2 coming?
    • Fan edits of clips from True Beauty released in 2020 have been made as the new trailer for season 2 went viral on YouTube. Sources reported that the filming of season 2 began in 2021 after the completion of the first one.
  • Is there an episode 17 of True Beauty?
    • True Beauty - Season 1 / Episode 17 | Shahid.net.
  • Why do all kdramas have 16 episodes?
    • It's not that it's a lucky number; an Asian TV season lasts 2–2.5 months. In China, shows air more frequently, so you get more episodes. In Japan, they air less frequently, so you get fewer episodes. In Korea, shows air twice a week, so you get 16 episodes.

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