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Eyelash extensions hurt when i close my eyes

Eyelash Extensions: Addressing Discomfort When Closing Your Eyes

If you're experiencing discomfort or pain when closing your eyes after getting eyelash extensions, it's essential to understand the possible causes and solutions. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the topic, highlighting the positive aspects of addressing the issue and offering potential benefits for individuals facing this problem. Let's dive in!

I. Understanding the Issue:

  • Identifying the discomfort: Sensations of pain or discomfort when closing the eyes after getting eyelash extensions.
  • Potential causes: Incorrect application, incorrect lash length or weight, allergic reaction, or eyelash irritation.
  • Importance of seeking a solution: Discomfort can impact sleep quality, eye health, and overall satisfaction with the extensions.

II. Addressing the Discomfort:

  1. Consultation with a professional:

    • Seek advice from a licensed aesthetician or eyelash technician.
    • Discuss your concerns and experiences regarding the discomfort.
    • Allow the professional to assess the lashes and offer appropriate solutions.
  2. Potential Solutions:

    a) Lash adjustment:

    • Trim or shorten the extensions to reduce contact with the eyelid.
    • Replace heavy or uncomfortable lashes with lighter options.
    • Ensure proper adherence to prevent tension on
If the glue has not dried fully, it will sting when wet. Or if the extensions or glue are touching the skin, this is incorrectly applied and will be uncomfortable and need to be removed. Properly applied lashes are seen and not felt. Best to get them removed or fixed by someone reputable.

Why does my eyelash hurt when I close my eyes?

Often, eyelash pain is due to ingrown eyelashes or eyelid inflammation. Eye makeup, allergies, and injury can all cause irritation. In some cases, the pain may be related to eyelid or eyelash growth issues. Visit a doctor if your eyelash pain doesn't go away.

Why do my lash extensions feel sore?

Sometimes lash extensions may be hurting because you were unable to keep your eyes lids completely closed during the process, thereby allowing some adhesive fumes to seep in.

Why does it hurt when I blink after eyelash extensions?

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt When I Blink? Painful lash extensions when blinking are usually caused by too-long extensions that are hitting your eyelid when you blink. Eyelash extensions should be the right size for your natural lashes so they don't end up too long and hitting the eyelid when you blink.

How do I stop my eyelash extensions from hurting?

If your eyes feel mildly irritated after having lash extensions added, there are several things you can try at home to relieve the discomfort. These include: cold compresses. topical hydrocortisone cream.

Why do my eyelash extensions feel like they are poking me?

Sometimes, the poking feeling may occur as your natural lashes grow after a few days or weeks of getting the extensions. It could also be that the lashes were applied too close to the eyelid causing a poking feeling.

What to do if your lash line hurts?

Eyelash pain and infected eyelid treatments may include warm compresses, quick procedures performed in the office such as puncturing bumps or draining a stye, antibiotic eye drops, surgery, anti-inflammatory steroid injections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when your lash extensions are irritating?

Lash extensions can irritate your eyes if: the lashes are placed too close to the skin. fumes from the glue, especially if the eye isn't properly closed during application. rubbing of eyepads on skin or eye.

Why is my eye bothering me after lash extensions?

Excess glue: If the lash tech applies too much lash glue chemical burn may be the culprit. This can lead to excessive fumes from the glue that can end up irritating your eyes. If irritation doesn't happen during the session, it can pop up a day or two after the appointment with inflammation and redness.

How do you treat irritated eyelash extensions?

Take an oral antihistamine or use antihistamine eye drops. Apply a topical allergy-relief product that's safe for the eye area. Try a cold compress to alleviate the irritation.

Why are my lash extensions pinching me?

Your eyelash extensions poke and irritate your eyes. If you feel any discomfort it means that more than one lash is attached together or stuck to your skin. Each lash is at a different growth stage during the lash cycle.


What not to do when applying eyelash extensions?
  1. 1- Don't Wear Eye Makeup To The Appointment.
  2. 2- Don't Sleep On Your Stomach.
  3. 3- Don't Go For Hot Treatments.
  4. 4- Don't Rub Your Eyes.
  5. 5- Don't Use Abrasive Materials To Clean Lashes.
  6. 6- Don't Let Hair Products Seep Onto Lashes.
  7. 7- Don't Use A Lash Curler.
  8. 8- Don't Get Cheap Lash Extensions.
Does the pinch method work?
The pinch method is a form of self-acupressure that is touted in some quarters as a way to quickly lower and stabilize blood sugar levels. However, there is no evidence that it actually works. While it is not harmful per se, it can delay the treatment of hyperglycemia.
Why does my lash extension hurt when I blink?
Eyelash extensions can cause discomfort if they are applied too close to the eyelid, if they are too long or heavy, or if you have an allergic reaction to the lash products used.
What to do if your eye hurts after lash extensions?
If your eyes are very uncomfortable or you're having an allergic reaction, you should probably remove your lash extensions. The safest way to remove them may be to have a professional do it. Many salons and technicians will remove lash extensions for no charge or small fee.

Eyelash extensions hurt when i close my eyes

Is it normal for eyes to sting after eyelash extensions? It seems strange that your eyes are stinging as usually this only happens directly after the treatment as the glue is not properly dried. Once it is dried it has no effect. Maybe you have had an allergic reaction to the glue so yes, you should have them removed.
How do you know if your eye is infected from eyelash extensions? Infections caused by false eyelashes or other types of eye makeup can be bacterial or allergy-related, or develop after an injury such as scratching the cornea as you apply makeup. Eye symptoms may be similar, regardless of the cause, and can include the following: Redness. Swelling.
Do lash extensions ruin your lashes? 5 days ago Sometimes, extensions can disrupt your lashes' natural growth cycle. Over time, hairs may grow back stubbier and finer than before. Plus, the glue used to adhere to the lashes can be irritating — especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Is it normal for eyelash extensions to hurt?
    • Most of the time, you won't experience pain with lash extensions unless they are applied incorrectly or removed incorrectly. However, even when a professional lash tech applies your lashes, there's still room for a mistake.
  • How long should eyelash extension irritation last?
    • Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, a person may have symptoms that last from a few hours to a few days. Treatment can also affect how long a person may experience reactions to the eyelash extensions.
  • How painful are false eyelashes
    • Nov 25, 2022 — Painful lash extensions when blinking are usually caused by too-long extensions that are hitting your eyelid when you blink. Eyelash extensions 

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